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Alan Whiticker

Alan Whiticker is a prolific writer of Rugby League history. Born in Penrith in 1958, he pursued the dual roles of teacher and freelance writer and has emerged as an accomplished writer of sporting history; biography and true crime. Alan is the author of 14 books on the game:

  • The History of the Balmain ‘Tigers’ (1988) Sherborbne Sutherland;
  • The History of the North Sydney ‘Bears’ (1988, with Greg Anderson ) Sherborne Sutherland;
  • Grand Finals of the NSWRL (1992, 1995 and 1997) Gary Allen Pty Ltd;
  • The Encyclopedia of Rugby League Players (1993, 1995, 1999, 2002, 2005 and 2007 , with Glen Hudson) Gary Allen Pty Ltd;
  • Rugby League Test Matches in Australia (1994; with Ian Collis) ABC Enterprises;
  • From the Bush to Brookvale: The Cliff Lyons Story (2000) Gary Allen Pty Ltd;
  • Hooked On League: Royce Simmons (2001) Gary Allen;
  • Off the Wing on a Prayer: The Mat Rogers Story (2002) Gary Allen Pty Ltd;
  • A History of Rugby League Clubs (2004 and 2006, with Ian Collis) New Holland Publishers;
  • Captaining the Kangaroos: Australian Rugby League Captains (2004) New Holland Publishers;
  • 100 Years of Rugby League (2007; with Ian Collis) New Holland Publishers;
  • Rugby League: 100 Years in Pictures (2008) New Holland Publishers;
  • Never Take A Backward Step: The Story of St Marys Rugby League (2008) St Marys Leagues Club Ltd.

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